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Harrisburg Family Healthcare Clinic

Serving the un-insured and underinsured residents

in Harrisburg and the CSRA.

St. Luke United Methodist Church has a long, proud history of serving the community of Harrisburg, Augusta. Through the dedication of our leadership, medical staff volunteers, we are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ by serving and healing those in need, especially the poor.

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Community Ministries: About
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Good Neighbors Ministry

Non-Profit Organization 501c3

Strengthening Harrisburg by loving our neighbors.

Organized to address community and social issues pertinent to our community needs. 

St. Luke United Methodist Church is an inclusive church dedicated to sharing the love of Christ through ministry.

Community Ministries: Our Mission

Westabou Montessori School

Head of School Margaret Strickland

Westabou Montessori School is a high fidelity Montessori school located in the Harrisburg neighborhood of Augusta, Georgia. We serve an intentionally diverse student body from across the Central Savannah River area. We offer approximately half our students the opportunity to afford a Montessori education through use of a sliding scale tuition program. Families whose children are awarded sliding scale spots live in close proximity to the school, receive funding assistance for entire 3 year cycle of Children's House and/or lower elementary. These students are expected to enroll in the neighborhood public school at either 1st or 4th grade, so that our students once they receive the benefits of a Montessori start in life and as learners become agents of neighborhood change, by becoming a positive force in what are traditionally low performing public schools.

Community Ministries: Our Values
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Augusta Locally Grown: Harrisburg

Farmers Market

Community Ministries: Welcome
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