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Today, August 18, 2021, we bless our students in Westabou Montessori School and all students in the world starting the year 2021-2022  

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Food Boxes Giveaway

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May 22, 2021
St Luke shared food boxes with 14 families in our community Harrisburg-Augusta what a blessing was to meet new neighbors. Thank you, Paine College, for partnering with us.
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Vaccination in Harrisburg!:

Harrisburg Health Clinic

First come, first serve.

9:00am -2:00pm

423 Crawford Ave.

Augusta, Georgia 30904

Our Food Boxes GIVEAWAY in Harrisburg

Saturday, Feb 27, 2021 we have a food boxes giveaway. Spread the word, first come first serve.

Thank you to Mrs. @Loretta Adderson, her husband, Mr. Sam Adderson, 3T'S Farm, Michael Stephens 5A'S Veggie and Produce, and Farm to Door Box Program; Saint Luke UMC have food boxes to the community in Harrisburg and beyond, a lot of joy and gratitude.  Special thank you to Chrystal and Chris Devine, Noah, Marsha Jones, Marcus Odom,

Chris L Shelley, Richard F. Camino, and Eunice Malavé de León.

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Marsha and Phil Congratulations!

We are so proud of you all.

Thank you for your service and commitment and for being part of Saint Luke United Methodist Church, Harrisburg-Augusta, Georgia

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   2020 Walton Award Recipients | Phil & Marsha Jones

The George & Dorothy Walton Award is presented annually to an Augusta-area couple who exemplify the legacy and values of George and Dorothy Walton. The award recognizes a lifestyle of community service, selflessness, hospitality, courage, and devotion.

Phil & Marsha Jones were nominated for the 2020 Walton Award by community member Shep Gallagher who knew the Joneses from time together at Trinity on the Hill UMC. Since then, the Jones have served with St. Luke’s UMC in the Harrisburg neighborhood of Augusta, GA for the past 13 years. The Jones not only work with the church, but they also work with seemingly every other organization within the Harrisburg community to help the neighbors find homes, work, education, food and safety. Whenever they see a need, they try to find a way to help. Their dedication and creative solutions are truly making a difference in the Harrisburg neighborhood.

Together, Marsha and Phil Jones have demonstrated selfless, Christian compassion for the people of Harrisburg.” Russell Joel Brown - GNM


Food Delivery in Harrisburg, Augusta GA

May 17, 2020

Food Delivery for the Richmond County BOE ends May 21.  Beginning the first week in June we will be delivering food boxes for families living in Harrisburg.  We are partnering with Trinity on the Hill UMC, Wesley UMC, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church and Church of Our Savior Episcopal Church. 
If you know of a family in our neighborhood who could use a food box please let Marsha know. If you’d like to volunteer to help there are several ways you can participate.  1.)  Pick up food from Golden Harvest  2.)  Packing the food boxes  3.)  Delivering the boxes to families.


Run the Yewelz, Nyk P "Open Mic Special Edition. Hosted by Julian Smart-Rimple

May 26, 2020

For young professionals and millennials seeking to shine!


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