One Board Model 2022-2023

Mr. Scott Parrish - Pastor
Mr. Phil Jones -Lay leader
Mrs. Amanda Jones
Mr. Tee Reeves 
Ms. Selina Abner
Mr. Chris Shelley
Mr. Richard F. Camino

We believe in a loving community that serves God by serving our neighbors.
We welcome you to become volunteers to serve and work in our committees/teams.



OUR Outreach 


Marsha Jones - Chair

Amanda Stevens - Member

Isaiah Swinton - Member

You are welcome

OUR Staff Parish Relations TEAM

Margaret Reeves - Chair

2021- Kathy Lee - Member

Stephanie Williams - Member

2022 - Loretta Adderson and

Tonya Edwards

2023 - Chris Shelley and

Judy Stocker

You are welcome


2021 - Tee Reeves - Chair

Member - Richard Camino 

Sam Adderson - Member

Phil Lee - Member

Shep Gallagher - Member

Tee Reeves - Custodian

2022 - Phil Lee and Tee Reeves

2023 - Amanda Stevens and

Shep Gallagher

You are welcome

OUR Worship TEAM

Marsha Jones - Chair

Selina Abner - Member

Tee Reeves - Member

Melinda Terry- Member

You are wlecome